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Zoom and Quantum Marketing

A proven approach to demand generation

Are you ready to find out why your colleagues love us?

If you haven’t already heard, Quantum Marketing and Zoom have achieved some seriously eye-catching results. A story that started in the UK & Ireland region, based on the objective of generating more sales-ready leads – and converting the existing pipeline.

This is an engagement that began in 2022, when Zoom Phone recognised that their existing demand generation agency was struggling to hit target. The objective set was therefore simple:

  • Build interest in and brand awareness of Zoom Phone’s unified communication solution

  • Win over buying audiences in key mid-market and enterprise accounts

  • Streamline the entire lead management, qualification, and handover process


All of these goals were achieved, and then some. So, to give your pipeline activity a serious boost, why not get in touch to find out how we could also help you?


Proven capabilities

 What Quantum has already demonstrated with Zoom Phone, is our ability to successfully complete an end-to-end demand generation campaign, with actions that included:


  • Target audience analysis and engagement strategy

  • Creation of the ‘Big idea’ and communications narrative

  • Campaign asset development

  • Targeted advertising

  • Marketing outreach and lead nurturing


In addition, we also introduced various Marketing Automation tools into the mix, and integrated these into Zoom Phone’s processes. As a result, we were able to collaboratively ensure that every lead was effectively followed up and qualified.

The creative idea

We created ‘Fast Forward’ to reflect how Zoom Phone’s advanced technology is fast to deploy and quick for users to learn, use and master.

AND building on that, created social, digital and video assets that spanned the communication mix and allowed us to showcase the impressive performance and efficiency claims that support the Fast Forward idea.

Results you can depend on

For Zoom Phone, we’ve helped deliver an immediate boost to their sales pipeline:


20% conversion rate

With 50 qualified leads from 250 buyer group conversations


£6m+ marketing pipeline

With over £2m elevated to the ‘verbal sales pipeline.


Over 22% engagement rate

Supported by high click-through rates of 4%

42:1 return on marketing spend

Within the 1st 6months of the programme

Due to this sustained performance, Quantum has been retained as the only lead generation partner for Zoom Phone and Call Centre solutions in the UK & Ireland.

“The difference between Quantum’s leads and the previous agency, is the difference between night and day.”

Abby Davies, [insert job title], Zoom Phone

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