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£500 million+ added
to our clients pipeline
in the last 12 months



Every marketer today is under some form of pressure. Budgets are typically shrinking, the demand from sales is never-ending, and audiences are overwhelmed with competing claims.

Yet amid this noise, the factors that contribute to success remain clear: turn data into insight, apply it to creatively eye-catching campaigns, and target the right people with the right message – while ensuring effective follow-up by actually talking to your audience.


This is what we do at Quantum Marketing, and based on our track record with previous clients we always aim to deliver a 50:1 ROI on any marketing spend.


At QMG, our mission is to support B2B tech clients in meeting their objectives for strategic audience engagement. What this means in practice is the delivery of best advice for optimising the different dimensions of demand generation, opportunity management, audience insight, and channel enablement. An approach that’s infused with 20+ years’ experience in communicating to tech buyers and influencers, alongside a comprehensive range of capabilities and service offerings – that together extend across every aspect of the end-to-end sales funnel.

As a result, we’re able to build demand engines that are proven to deliver long-term solutions for uncovering sales-ready opportunities. A process made possible by highly detailed account and market intelligence, alongside our ability to generate and nurture sales ready leads (SRLs) – which in the hands of QMG are proven to create opportunities that are 10x more likely to convert than MQLs. Add in our core competencies around digital and social, ABM, intent data, and creative, and the resulting outcomes allow us to confidently aim to deliver 50:1 ROI for clients in campaign delivery.


To make the most of every opportunity.
We apply years of experience, data-driven insight, and deep demand generation know-how to connect our clients with an audience that’s ready and waiting to engage.


To put best advice to work
We exist to help our clients confidently push back the boundaries of what’s possible in B2B demand generation, by sharing our expertise – and caring about the results.


To build demand engines for each client
We want to inspire ever-higher levels of marketing performance, by delivering the insights and opportunities our clients need to drive their long-term strategy.


Our portfolio of clients extends from the biggest brands to the most dynamic new market entrants. These are organisations that trust us to take their value proposition, find the core value, extend this, and then create ways to reach audiences in the most relevant and innovative way possible. As for results, well, they speak for themselves…

"We love working with Quantum because they are great partners, they share our goals and they are brilliant people to work with"
Rhiannon Prothero – Marketing Director, SAP UK and Ireland

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