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Deliver on the true potential of ABM


The secret to a memorable ABM campaign is in-depth market and audience insight. Which is good, given the fact that Quantum has spent the last 20+ years uncovering it. We communicate to tech buyers on a daily basis, talk to them, and have a clear picture of what they want and why. 

Add your strategic accounts into the mix, and the result is a platform for powerful 1-to-1 engagement – where your story is brought to life through relevance and context. 

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What we do to support your success

That all depends of course on what you need. Looking to build out your intelligence on different companies and organisations, then we can certainly help there. Same with identifying buying groups and individuals, aligning your content strategy, and creating campaign-specific assets. We can then run and manage the campaign, speaking directly to your audience if necessary, and doing what’s required to create sales-ready leads that ultimately justify any investment.
As many leading tech brands can already testify, when it comes to generating a clear ROI from an ABM campaign, Quantum knows what it takes to deliver.

ABM services

From digging up account-specific intelligence to crafting the kinds of campaign assets that really turn heads, Quantum has the know-how needed to turn your ABM plans into dependable results.  

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Account identification and targeting

At the initial stages of ABM planning, we can help you identify and prioritise the most appropriate accounts to target.

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Personalised content creation

Our creative team is well-versed in developing materials, such as emails, landing pages, and social media posts, tailored to specific accounts.

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Account-based advertising

Where we use targeted advertising to reach specific accounts on the channels where they’re already consuming content.

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Lead generation

To turn ABM into actual opportunities, we craft demand generation campaigns and social media activity that stimulates your audience to act.

Lead nurturing

We use automated email campaigns and other applied tactics to nurture leads and guide them through the sales funnel.

Lead handover

Ensure the potential of every ABM opportunity is realised, through a dynamic approach to inspiring sales buy-in and involvement.

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Measurement and analysis

We provide regular reporting and analysis to help you track progress and measure the success of your ABM campaigns.

“Just wanted to thank you for two great sessions. This was incredibly useful, even for me! I wish I had received this type of training before I was tasked with leading the Enterprise marketing for DACH. I feel every Enterprise marketer should go through these two sessions. Super interesting!”

Franziska Bottger, Head of EMEA Enterprise & GSI Marketing, Google Cloud 

Our latest ABM Content 

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