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Data & Insights.



We help marketers deliver precision-guided campaigns and activity, based on a detailed picture of what their target audience wants – as well as the all-important context on why and when. This is insight that comes from our extensive database of tech decision-makers, which is able to create real-world intent data for identifying high-propensity accounts. 


Give us your account list, and we’ll help prioritise it by opportunity, while also generating recommendations for tailoring any communication.


The difference between a scatter-gun approach and laser-focused targeting, between average and great results, comes in knowing your audience. By that we mean really knowing them, their challenges, priorities, motivations, and ambitions. 


Understand that, and you hold the real secret to turbo-charging any marketing activity – and generating the types of opportunity that sales will quickly come to love. Which is why we spend so much time gathering this intelligence, uncovering the key facts, and keeping this knowledge up-to-date.


It’s about reaching the right people, with the right story, at the right time, and it’s a very precise science.

Account Identification

We offer a variety of trusted methods and processes for identifying and researching potential accounts, based on factors such as size, location, industry, and intent.

Partner Targeting

Quantum can help you discover potential channel partners that complement your existing market offering, or plug a particular gap you’re keen to fill.

ABM Prioritisation

We can help dial up the impact of ABM programmes by providing insights into account-specific pain points, challenges, and priorities.


Our data experts work closely with clients to understand the needs of any activity, then to identify, prioritise, and align different accounts to them. This we do from a database of over over 4 million companies with associated buying group contacts across IT, LoB and C-suite personas.

Our data platform Combines and overlays High Propensity modelling; Intent data analytics; customer Technology infrastructure, and firmographic data along with target buying group (decision maker and influencer) contacts to deliver the most comprehensive and laser targeted data available to underpin any persona-led, technology marketing campaign.

Target market analysis

Our data and insight can help identify your ideal customer profile, and uncover opportunities for displacing the competition.

Digital ad targeting

Our technology intelligence enables you to target your ads to the right audience, with the goal of significantly boosting click-through rates and ROI.

Persona mapping

Identify those job roles and functions most likely to engage with your story, their challenges and aspirations.

Fifty-to 0ne

By applying Quantum’s full tech data and insight to any campaign, we aim to deliver a 50:1 ROI on your marketing spend.

“Our demand generation agency Quantum have opened our eyes to the power of intent data. Within 6 months we saw a 58:1 return on our investment and a qualified pipeline of 2.9m euros”

Jan Urban, Panasonic


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