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Eviden creative example

Go Beyond

Setting the scene for strategic engagement

As a new brand name, but one with a huge presence, Eviden (previously a part of Atos), came to us wanting to convey a big picture transformation story. One that elevated them to the position of thought leaders, visionaries, and true tech innovators,

This was a multi-dimensional proposition to be told across multiple audiences, functions, and solutions. A grand narrative that challenged prospects to imagine a more dynamic future. One where traditional limitations are overcome by Eviden’s blend of cutting edge tech and seasoned expertise. A campaign that encouraged audiences to think big - and to Go Beyond.

Client: EVIDEN

Eviden creative example out of home
Eviden creative example Legacy constraints
Eviden creative example Fingers crossed security
Eviden B2B creative example traditional employee engagement
Eviden B2B creative example landing page
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