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Putting propensity to work in B2B Demand Generation. Right now. Here. Today…

We all recognise the power of a creative marketing campaign. One that leads to outstanding execution and sets your product or service apart from the numerous competitors out there. An idea that stands out in a cluttered market, ensuring your product or service gets noticed.

But then the results come back, and the overarching emotion is disappointment. Click-through rates are low. Engagement across the board has not met expectations.

Putting propensity to work in B2B Demand Generation.

Smiles turn to frowns. "What must we do to get our potential customers excited?" comes the cry. “It was the perfect message!”

It may well have been. But the ‘right message’ is nothing without the other two amigos of ‘right person’ and ‘right time’. Good creative work can win awards, but many ideas end up in the trash without getting noticed.

Not Quite a Crystal Ball…But Close!

This is not just a common problem for B2B marketing teams. Arguably, it's THE problem, as it impacts everything from campaign ROI to conversion rates and the quality of leads generated. But what can we do?

To answer that question, we need to discuss propensity data. We also need to find a simple way to use propensity models in your next project. This will save you from having to do all the hard work yourself.

Propensity Insights: Key Takeaways

  • Propensity data shows if someone is likely to buy, while intent data just shows interest.

  • Propensity data enables you to better predict the preferences, behaviours, and priorities of individual organisations.

  • Propensity insights help tailor your marketing strategy and concentrate resources where they can make the most impact. This makes it simpler to reach specific audiences.

Taking Care of Business

Clients sometimes feel unsure when we discuss propensity, thinking it's good but not knowing where to start. It’s an understandable position too, given the complex data requirements needed to build a fully functioning propensity model.

Hence the premium placed on ease and convenience. B2B marketing teams are busy, so they often need help from someone else to use propensity data in campaigns. This person builds the model and makes the insights useful.

Quantum: Your Partner in Data Services

This is where Quantum enters from stage left. With over 20 years of experience, we specialise in generating interest in tech companies globally to create comprehensive data services.

With 20 years of experience, we focus on generating interest for tech companies worldwide to provide data services. You can tell us who your target audience is and what data is important. We can then create a unique data model for your B2B marketing campaign. Let’s bring that claim to life:

A Step-by-Step Approach

Quantum helps determine what you want to sell and who your target audience is for your project or campaign. This can be a standalone project or part of a client's marketing campaign. It includes identifying job titles, personas, and territories.

Next, we will identify the key data points that our algorithm and AI tools will use to build the propensity model. This could include:

  • Installation indicators: Types of tech in play within individual firms, age of implementation, upgrade timelines, etc.

  • Behavioural indicators: Types of content organisations are looking at, frequency of purchase, previous interactions, etc.

  • Buyer group indicators: Identifying both decision-makers and influencers.

  • Anecdotal indicators: New hires, partner insights, social media commentary, etc.

  • Engagement indicators: Clicks on your content, 3rd party content, etc.

From here, we’ll agree on a scoring index with you that aligns with your campaign goals. Essentially, we’ll determine the best way to apply ‘weight’ to each of the above indicators.

Give 'Em What They Want…

As for outcomes, the propensity model we’ll build helps to quickly order your audience into three primary categories:

  • The A-listers: Your top audience, ready for immediate engagement, ideally on a one-on-one basis.

  • The B bunch: Those whose score suggests strong interest, and therefore relevant for 1personalised communications.

  • The C crowd: Those who are more attentive and need ongoing lead nurturing through group interactions.

It’s therefore easy to imagine how such insight can be used to create more targeted content marketing. But more than this, it supports a more informed approach to stimulating ‘next actions’ from your audience, anticipating what they really want to hear and giving it to them. Above all, it helps B2B marketers focus their budgets and creativity on those most likely to appreciate it.

Better ROI and More Qualified Pipeline

Think better ROI, more qualified pipeline, and eye-catching campaign performance.

Put B2B Demand Generation Propensity to Work on Your Campaigns

Want to find out more about how a propensity model could help transform your next campaign? Get in touch with Quantum today, and we’ll arrange a time to talk through your goals and the type of insights you’re after.

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