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How to help channel partners show their true potential

Enablement is the ‘secret sauce’ behind any successful channel strategy. To understand why is to understand the type of ‘partner’ most tech firms are dealing with. A recent analysis of the US market from CompTIA suggests that of 137,421 IT channel-oriented partners in that region, 88% were rated as ‘micro-channel firms’ – with nine employees or fewer.

How to help channel partners show their true potential
How to help channel partners show their true potential

What this tells us (or at least reaffirms) is that the vast majority of channel partners ‘out there’ are going to be severely restricted when it comes to resource. At best they’re going to have one or two over-stretched marketers available for bringing any new activity to life (alongside limited budgets).

Hence the importance of enablement, which comes in a number of different flavours:

Enabling partners to be better educators

Great content is of course a useful starting point. But of equal importance is context, and delivering the educational support needed to help partners fully understand the what, why, and how behind any product and its promotion. Such assistance is aimed at ensuring they can speak with assurance in any customer meeting, complete with hard numbers, compelling stats, and a clear analysis of the competitor landscape – thereby boosting their credibility and win-rates.

Enabling partners to be better marketers

With resources at a premium, anything that can be done to help polish your partners’ skill sets will have a big impact on their overall performance. Examples here include training (online/face-to-face) in marketing essentials such as:

  • Segmenting their market and target audiences

  • Developing richly detailed buyer personas

  • Building out targets lists (in a way that’s fully GDPR compliant)

  • Creating a lead pipeline and the process for sales follow-up

There is of course the fear that you’ll be teaching them to ‘suck eggs’, but in our experience most partners remain hungry for this type of guidance – and appreciative of any company prepared to invest in providing it.

Enabling the delivery of great marketing content

Interesting, intriguing, and engaging content drives the marketing engine – but only if it’s relevant and timely. The enablement piece here therefore relates to the buyer journey, and working through a variety of different scenarios to determine right asset/right time, as well as ‘next best action’. Helping partners model the flow of a campaign, and ensuring content is aligned to critical touchpoints, can make a huge difference to overall results.

Enabling the right options

Simply put, all the guidance and support mentioned above can serve to overwhelm a partner. Hence why effort should also be directed toward helping them find the options that work best for their budget and level of experience. To do that means creating a range of assets (from email and DM to banner ads and brochures) that partners can combine in their own intuitive way. Armed with a menu of options, each partner can then make selections based on their own comfort level and overall expectations.

Effort should also be directed a toward helping them find options

Enabling frictionless access to resources

Everyone wants an easy life. For partners, this starts by simplifying the way they can access and use your marketing resources. By providing simple access to content management systems, and making assets easy to find, customisable, and actionable, you’ll dramatically increase the likelihood they’ll be put to regular use.

Enabling the personal touch

Let’s face it, empowering your partners to achieve greatness is not too different from the process of direct customer sales. Both demand multiple touchpoints across different comms channels in order to drive progress toward a measurable ‘win’. But while you can call on a host of technologies to help you scale and optimise the engagement, meaningful progress still comes down to personalities and relationships.


Helping partners navigate the buyer journey

Gone are the days when partners fought to establish their credentials with a large vendor. Today, it’s the vendors themselves who are under increasing pressure to ‘wow’ partners who themselves can have multiple relationships with multiple tech companies. So what’s your ‘next best move?


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