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7 Actionable Tips to Get More Leads from Your Inbound Marketing

One of the biggest challenges for any business is generating more leads. Easy concept. But where it gets a bit more challenging is when creating strategies for demand generation, not simply lead generation.

7 Actionable Tips to Get More Leads from Your Inbound Marketing
7 Actionable Tips to Get More Leads from Your Inbound Marketing

If all you want are leads, it’s easy to quantify those by anyone who has viewed your website or perhaps someone who has completed a lead form on a landing page. They’re definitely leads but how credible are they and what value will they bring to your business in the long run?

Obviously, demand gen leads are preferable to just cold leads that won’t really go anywhere. Inbound tactics can help you get there by just making some revisions to how you make yourself available online to those who are looking for what you have to offer. Interest from prospects searching online is all well and good, but you also need interest from those engaging with your brand via your site, social media, etc.

Developing a demand gen strategy to optimise interest in multiple channels is a critical best practice. Investing in inbound tactics to target prospects who have demonstrated that they are in active buyer mode is smart on several levels. 

There are definitely some actionable tips to get more demand gen leads and we share some of them here.

1. Target long-tail keywords

Your industry has special terms and keywords so take advantage of them when writing for online tactics. Specific phrases and niche keywords actually get more traffic from long-tail keywords because they’re less competitive than more generic terms. Long-tail keywords usually correlate with people who are primed to buy right now so it’s advantageous to write in some targeted long-tail keywords. For example, if your business is in the technology industry, and people are searching keywords such as “technology consulting firm in London” are closer to buying as opposed to those searching for “technology companies.”

2. Insert internal links in your blog posts

This may seem like a simple thing but it can bring great benefits—always include internal links in your blog posts. This not only improves your SEO for being found on Google, but also makes it much easier for prospects to find more of your content, pushing them further down the sales funnel.

3. Become a guest contributor to blogs and websites

When you share content on blogs and websites as a guest contributor, you’ll dramatically ramp up your SEO and connect with people in your industry niche. Industry blogs, especially, have very targeted audiences with huge levels of engagement. If you’re able to write longer pieces of content for independent websites, you’ll gain even greater exposure by people who already have a lot of interest in your products. The broad exposure introduces you to large audiences and positions your brand as credible while boosting your SEO and search rank.

4. Create evergreen content

The best demand generation content is that which is important to prospects regardless of when they read about your company. Creating long-form evergreen content that can live for quite awhile while providing authentic, relevant information. It is a great investment for the long term and tends to rank higher in Google searches.

5. Don’t forget current customers

Always have an email strategy in place to communicate with your current customers. Obviously, you don’t want to overload them with too many messages too often, but keeping your brand top of mind with them will increase the chances of more revenue generated from an existing customer base.

6. Conduct webinars

Webinars are great tactics for boosting traffic and generating leads. The video format is not only engaging but it’s available for recording and can be repurposed in other communications. Webinars about new products or solutions can be relevant for both prospects and current customers. Nurturing both groups will lead to greater engagement and ultimately more revenue.

7. Invest in paid search

Generating free traffic is great, but there’s still room for paid traffic in your demand generation strategy. When your site is converting, any paid traffic generally pays for itself. So, if you need purchase-ready traffic today, going the Google Adwords route is the quickest way to get there.

Your demand generation strategy should be crafted based on your industry and what tools need to be created for a full complement of inbound marketing tactics. You’ll then have all you need to create opportunities to make data-driven, actionable decisions and drive growth for your business.


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