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Mastering Demand Generation: More Than Just a Strategy

In this Best Advice Guide.

Understanding the intricacies of demand generation is not just beneficial; it's essential for business growth. 'The anatomy of a lead' unravels this complex process, offering insights into psychological influences, group dynamics, and strategic acumen.

Our resource features expert insights on:

  • Psychological Influence in Marketing: Dive into how audience psychology impacts decision-making and learn ways to effectively sway these processes.

  • Navigating Group Dynamics: Engage with various decision-making groups, recognizing each member's distinct role and priorities.

  • The 'Big 8' Tech-Buying Personas: Discover the roles, influences, and motivations of pivotal decision-makers, including CTOs, CMOs, CIOs, and more. Adapt your strategies to connect with each of these key personas.

  • The Art of Storytelling: Utilize storytelling to create narratives that resonate both emotionally and rationally with your audience.

  • Mental Shortcuts in Decision Making: Align your marketing efforts with the mental heuristics guiding your audience's decisions.

  • Guiding Prospects Through Key Phases: Lead prospects through the vital phases of Awareness, Intention, Obstruction, Anticipation, and Solution.

Elevate your approach to demand generation with insights that transcend conventional methods.

Download 'The Anatomy Of A Lead' and acquire the tools to transform your demand generation strategy and drive growth.

Explore the depths of demand generation with 'The anatomy of a lead'

Our results speak for themselves


Insights on over 8 million buyers/influencers in the tech industry


Over £500 million added to our client's pipeline in the last 12 months

52 to 1

Average ROI our clients have seen on campaigns run over the last 12 months

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