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Fast forward to Zoom Phone

Armed with a unified solution for phone, video, meeting, and chat, Zoom Phone wanted to take their message to potential enterprise and mid-market customers. The stage was therefore set, with a target audience located in the UK & Ireland, and a clearly defined expectation: to create sales-ready leads and build brand awareness. A challenge that Quantum Marketing was only too happy to accept.

During the campaign, Quantum engaged in over 250 buyer group conversations, with 50 becoming qualified leads. That’s a conversion rate of 20%, and a sales pipeline valued at over £6million.

A little bit of background

With a legacy in video communications, Zoom Phone introduced their UCaaS solution in 2019. Initially, they worked with a different B2B tech agency to produce sales-qualified leads across both UK & Ireland. However, the results were increasingly deemed “unsatisfactory”, so they got in touch with Quantum Marketing Group to see if we could help out.


Following a series of initial meetings and workshops, the full scope of the project was agreed upon:


  • Help take the Zoom Phone story into 3 new verticals: financial services, legal, and retail

  • Run an end-to-end demand generation campaign across multiple audience touchpoints

  • Streamline the entire lead generation and management process


Activity that was to be based on a single customer narrative: by 2025 all Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs) and Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDNs) will be switched off. A compelling reason for customers to act, and a campaign theme that Quantum was keen to develop.

Core requirements

  • Audience analysis and segmentation

  • Creative ideation

  • Campaign build and execution

  • Marketing automation

  • Lead nurturing and management

Our Approach

At the heart of this campaign was a new lead generation strategy developed by Quantum, and a creative idea that brought the ‘Big 2025 switch off’ event to life:


  • During the initial few weeks, Quantum performed a detailed analysis of the target audience

  • At the same time, we devised the Big Idea for the campaign – based on the ‘Fast Forward to Zoom Phone’ tagline

  • Next, we set to work creating various campaign materials

  • Once these were signed off, we fed them into our marketing automation engine

  • Following that, we initiated an outreach programme – which included targeted advertising

  • All leads and opportunities were then carefully nurtured, including direct engagement by Quantum, to qualify them in line with agreed criteria

  • Finally, Quantum helped manage the lead handover process to the Zoom Phone sales team

Fast forward

We created ‘Fast Forward’ to reflect how Zoom Phone’s advanced technology is fast to deploy and quick for users to learn, use and master.

AND building on that, created social, digital and video assets that spanned the communication mix and allowed us to showcase the impressive performance and efficiency claims that support the Fast Forward idea.

Fast forward to eye-catching results

Building on interest generated by our outreach programme, Quantum engaged in conversation with over 250 buyer groups in the target verticals.


This led to the following numbers:


  • 50 of these 250 conversations became qualified leads (a 20% conversion rate)

  • Zoom Phone placed a pipeline value on these leads of more than £6million

  • In addition, our lead nurturing created over £2million in verbal sales pipeline


What’s more, the initial outreach activity enjoyed open rates of over 22% - and click rates of 4%. Zoom Phone was also able to report increased brand awareness and advocacy within their target verticals. All of which led to them retaining Quantum as their only lead generation partner for Zoom UK & Ireland – not just for Zoom Phone, but also for their Contact Centre proposition.


Quantum’s data-driven approach to demand generation has helped Zoom Phone achieve significant improvements in their marketing and sales performance. This is success that’s built on the use of relevant insights, targeted communication, and marketing automation. Where the intelligent mix of these capabilities has led to real-world conversations and a willingness from specific accounts to engage directly with Zoom.


For Zoom, the campaign has also highlighted the value of experienced lead nurturing to ensure ‘no lead is left behind’, and to manage the smooth transition of every opportunity from marketing to dedicated sales resources. Moreover, having demonstrated the impact of the ‘Fast Forward’ messaging, Zoom also has a campaign theme that can be utilised in future activity to maintain a level of familiarity with their audiences.

“The difference between Quantum’s leads and those from the previous agency, is the difference between night and day”

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