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Then just like that the world realised!

COVIS 19 Support the NHS
Just like that the world realised!

There’s one meme circulating at the moment that’s particularly impactful:

“Just like that, the world realised that health workers, cleaners and truck drivers are far more important to society than Hollywood actors, sports stars, and YouTubers”.

Which got us thinking at Quantum Marketing: What can we as a B2B marketing agency do to make a small but meaningful difference? How can we offer support to those in need of immediate help; gig economy workers struggling to pay rent or even feed their families?

Then the thought occurred – what are we not doing at the moment? The answer: buying lunch. Be it a sausage roll or an avocado and walnut bagel with accompanying coffee. How about we instead donate this saving to a worthy cause: The Trussell Trust that supports a nationwide network of food banks.

So that’s what we’re doing – and you can join in too by donating at our Just Giving Page.

Granted, such an initiative isn’t going to change the world. But it’s a step in the right direction – and we’d love to hear of other similar activities.

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