5 Ways Marketing Automation Benefits Your Business

Technology has touched everything and marketing is no exception. Smarter, faster and more effective is the typical result when technology gets involved. Smarter processes, faster operations, and more effective results are evidence of the power availed through technology. Harnessing that power to work for you and your marketing campaign warrants attention and consideration.

5 Ways Marketing Automation Benefits Your Business

While not so long ago, marketing automation was still a young, uncertain, and growing technology, today it is an essential and core aspect of successful marketing campaigns. It doesn't matter what type of sales strategy or marketing plan you employ, marketing automation with today's technology can make it better and more effective. From social media campaigns to email marketing strategies, marketing automation has the power to make your campaign stronger, your marketing efforts more efficient while improving the performance of your sales team.

Here are just a few ways marketing automation can work for you.

Social Media and Automation

Marketing automation found some of its first uses and testing grounds in the arena of social media. It has not only proven to be an effective tool for social media campaigns but has also allowed campaign managers more freedom.

This means activities such as sharing or liking content or sending messages to thank new followers, for example, can all be automated. That affords managers more control over their campaign while allowing for more personalised interactions. These are only some of the ways automation improves social media marketing but marketing automation does so much more.

Automating for New and Old Customers

From customer retention to new customers and referrals, marketing automation helps companies keep up and keep in touch. Never missing a thank you message to a customer and sending those words of appreciation (automated or not) will enhance the customer experience. It will also help your campaign stay on top of new customers and referrals. In sales in marketing, there was an adage that spoke of "striking while the iron is hot." We know from years of studies and marketing practices that it is always beneficial to engage customers while they are showing interest. Automating responses for referrals and new customers can mean the difference between gaining or losing new business.

Marketing Automation to Convert More Sales Notifications

It is one thing to be responsive and timely when addressing new customers and referrals but it can also mean pounds to your pipeline. When a customer starts looking at your pages and begins investigating areas like pricing or shipping options, marketing automation can alert you.

We live in a world today where we don't use pushy sales tactics and today we employ a tactic referred to as sales nurturing. When that nurturing has come to the point of decision, be informed and be ready. Marketing automation will help you determine when your customers are ready so you can be too.

Automated Chat

They are on web pages for companies across every industry, service and automated chatbots. Greet your customers, help them with basic questions and even funnel them to the right departments. This will help your business look responsive and make customer acquisition more efficient by not spending valuable time on visitors who are just browsing or who aren't yet ready to make a decision.

Marketing Automation Analytics

Arguably the greatest benefit of marketing automation is the detailed and informative data that is gathered through marketing automation analytics. See what is working, discover trends and get real ROI data.

B2B marketing is about being professional and helpful first. Then it is about building relationships and providing a service. Marketing automation will help your business look professional and promote timely and helpful service.

That image and your timely responses will foster relationships and help your marketing and sales teams work together seamlessly. In addition, marketing automation will improve your conversion rates and the overall results of your marketing campaign.

There was a time when marketing automation was an option, now it has become a necessity. Marketing automation technology is the right tool for your next successful marketing campaign.

The benefit of Marketing Automation for sales teams

Adoption of marketing automation is growing at an astounding rate. By 2025, the marketing automation market is expected to reach. More than half 58% of today’s B2B companies have adopted marketing automation technologies.

We all know the positives this brings to the demand generation process but exactly how does it benefit the sales teams. Download Now

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