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Nvidia Google banner image of campaign creative by Quantum Marketing.


NVIDIA and Google Cloud Platform were already working together to provide faster results to solve data challenges—without massive expenditures or complex infrastructure management. NVIDIA, as the pioneers of GPU accelerated computing, was the global platform of choice for AI, ML, HPC and graphics – have their technology literally loved by the world’s most demanding computer users; gamers, designers and scientists. While Google Cloud was and remains dedicated to leading accelerated infrastructure developments globally to ensure top researchers, developers and enterprises everywhere could access these world leading capabilities for their AI, ML, HPC and graphics workloads.


Quite literally, this was a game changing partnership that needed to be distilled into a universally relevant proposition and be taken to market – which is where we added our own unique expertise.

Google / Nvidia


Working with one of the world’s best known and leading technology giants is the stuff our creative guys dream of, so you can only imagine the enthusiasm when the opportunity to work with two of them at the same time came along!

The Strategy:

We developed an overarching communications approach to bring to life the Google Cloud and Nvidia joint proposition and elevate perceptions of the partnership above functional and technical ability to create positive pro-active belief in the possibilities they enabled.


As we were seeking to engage and inspire prospects, customers and the internal sales teams within both organisations themselves to think and act differently, we had to create a consistent compelling idea able to educate the breadth of these audiences of a higher level of capabilities and opportunity the partnership represented.


To really capture the game changing nature and own it within the complex and highly competitive world of technology.

The idea:

A statement that celebrates the elevated and escalated ability and performance that these two giants of the industry could enable by working together. The power of two became a rallying call: an emotional expression of the Google Cloud and NVIDIA partnership and a central promise underpinning a purpose behind which both organisations could unite.


By using the mathematical function of a figure ‘squared’ with the superscript 2 device on an executional level we were able to highlight and literally own significant increases in computing capability across the entire breadth of scenarios, requirements and capabilities.


And being employed against key industry, category or capability words (visualization, analytics etc.) or product areas (AI, HPC etc.) this ownership conveyed even greater relevance into the depth of specific areas of interest within the audience. Our idea not only reinforced that ‘the whole of the partnership is greater than the sum of the parts’, it generated a sense of ease and immediacy in terms of availability, implied relentless progress and perhaps most importantly dramatised the exponential momentum that differentiated this partnership from the abilities of others in the industry

The Approach:

Dramatise and own the higher level of computing capabilities the unique partnership enabled, and reflect the breadth of scenarios and requirements that the combination of NVIDIA and Google Cloud could not only excel in, but also achieve higher standards than others could only wish for.


Bring the partnership to life and create recognition this is new and newsworthy to ensure stand out and engagement across breadth of audiences and messaging.


We created an ownable campaign idea and line with a strong visual approach that could work consistently across all integrated communications activity – both internal throughout both Google Cloud and NVIDIA as well as in the public domain – so enabling consistent flexibility and flexible consistency across the multiple executions and channels we worked in.

The Results

  • 38% penetration into Google’s Top 100 GPU target account list for North America

  • 697 Leads Generated

  • Increase in page views by 1,216%

  • Marketing Pipeline Created £40 million 

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