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To ensure that you are getting the best from your marketing automation platform we provide a range of services to help you capitalise on your investment.


Our launch program supports you through every step of the way and our design and content services can ensure you are reaching your audience with truly engaging content.



We will spend time with you to understand your business objectives and goals so that we can recommend the marketing automation solution that is right for you.


We will work with your team to implement your new marketing automation platform in the most effective way possible.

We will build and configure your marketing automation solution, train your internal members team and transition any existing data so that you're ready to get going.


Having a marketing automation solution is one thing but if you're not using in the right way to nurture your leads you wasting your money.


We will work with you to create the right strategy for your business and  profile your existing audience 


Once your ready to fly we will be there to support you through the first few week and months.


We will help your teams to become confident with building marketing automation campaigns and managing the platform.


Creating content can be quite time-consuming and a drain on resources. Quantum Marketing offers a range of services that compliment your marketing effort and allow you to concentrate on the bigger things.


First impressions matter, that's why it's important that communications with your audience look as good as they can.

We create visually engaging designs for:

  • emails

  • landing pages

  • social pages

  • competition pages


Our network of creative writers creates compelling content that engages with your audience. 

  • web copy

  • white papers

  • newsletters

  • blog posts

  • email copy

  • social content


If you're a small marketing department or business why not look at a managed service. With this service, we will manage the whole thing for you.


We will recommend the right lead nurturing strategy for your business, create a content calendar and fulfil it.


We track the results and provide you with a real-time dashboard so you can review campaign performance at any time.

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