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7 Steps Toward Setting Up Your Next Lead Nurturing Campaign

Converting targeted, qualified leads takes time and effort. These steps will help you engage with more prospects and successfully guide them through the sales funnel to become great leads and loyal customers.

Marketing Automation:
putting potential to work

This is an ebook about B2B marketing automation, demand generation, and enhancing the customer journey. If you are a marketing or sales professional looking to really get to grips with these topics, to stay ‘in the know’, and explore the art of the possible then we suggest you grab a coffee and read on.

How to become a social selling legend

We all know how hard it is to stand out. To be heard through the deafening noise of rivals, commentators, ‘thought leaders’, and anybody else who feels the urge to share. And of course many do,


Find out how to cut through that noise and become a social selling legend.

How to put video at the centre of your B2B engagement activity

Everybody loves a video: from a cat playing a piano, to the latest epic fail compilation. And that’s before we get to the world of B2B marketing. Where Google estimates that 72% of buyers and researchers watch video as part of their decision-making journey.


Which is why at Quantum Marketing we’re increasingly building video assets into our campaign planning, and helping customers tell their stories in full technicolour.

The benefit of Marketing Automation for sales teams

We all know the positives that marketing automation brings to the demand generation process but exactly how does it benefit the sales teams.

No Lead Left Behind

You've done all the work, nurtured your leads, Qualified them and then nothing happens. The pipeline barely increases, and upon closer inspection you find a significant proportion of the leads have gone nowhere – or worse, they’re now dead.


What does that now say about all the effort and budget you’ve now just ‘wasted’?

How to drive profit from Account-Based Marketing

The main reason why ABM has caught the imagination of the marketing community is simple: it’s proven to deliver results.  With it comes the ability to deliver more meaningful and relevant messages that are tailored to a precise audience. But then you already knew that. What you possibly don’t know so well are the key factors behind a successful ABM programme, or the main pitfalls to avoid.


At least until you opened this ebook…

Channel Partner Marketing: The rules of engagement

Gone are the days when partners fought to establish their credentials with a large vendor. Today, it’s the vendors themselves who are under increasing pressure to ‘wow’ partners who themselves can have multiple relationships with multiple tech companies.

So what’s your ‘next best move’? Well, by reading on you’ll find some useful insights, hints, and tips to get you started...

The Marketing Survival
Guide to GDPR

For many marketers, GDPR introduced something similar to a plague of locust swarming through their contact databases – with little left in their wake..

Almost overnight came massive ‘culls’ of those audience members who’d failed to respond to ‘consent’ email updates. Carnage ensured as 1000s of relevant contacts were rounded up and placed in a form of digital purgatory.






Interested in finding out a little more about how Quantum Marketing could help inspire your demand generation activity