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Average ROI our clients have seen on campaigns run over the last 12 months


Over £500 million added to our client's pipeline in the last 12 months


B2B Marketers: standing still just
isn't an option


There’s just so much for the tech marketer to keep an eye on. New ways of buying that range from on demand ‘as a service’ models to freemium; GDPR that’s helped downsize marketable universes; and the need to connect campaigns in a multi-channel world.  


Then there’s the growing complexity surrounding the B2B buyer’s journey, where any activity needs to help move informed buyers and influencers through the funnel, offer a memorable experience, and ensure marketing and sales remain aligned. All the while keeping up to speed on the latest tools (think automation, social selling etc.), ROI, and the age-old challenge of measuring success and attribution.


Amidst such change, there will be winners and losers. The difference between the two being those who embrace new ways of engaging audiences, versus those who stick to what’s worked in the past.


At Quantum, we’re here to help you stay ahead of the game.

B2B businesses that align their sales and marketing activity achieved 27% faster 3-year profit
Source (SiriusDecisions)

Real-life experiences driving actionable insights & creative solutions


Our insights come straight from the source


It helps that we have a long and proven track record when it comes to working in B2B marketing and the technology space. And with such experience comes a clear picture of a prospect’s challenges, motivations, and aspirations. 


Armed with this level of insight we’re quick to understand what intrigues, interests, and captivates a target audience. Then we bring together the right mix of people, data, tools, and techniques to act on this knowledge – and to bring any campaign to immediate life.


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The whole enchilada

When we say we’re a full-service agency, we really mean it. End-to-end: from strategic consultancy to lead handover. In fact, we challenge any other agency to demonstrate the same breadth of capabilities that we have to offer.


What’s more, we’ve got them all wired tightly together and working as one. Everything, our creative services, digital, social, marketing automation – the lot. So whatever stage of the funnel you want to influence, across whatever channel or asset (physical DM, video etc.), we’ve got you covered.

We know the decision-makers and what makes them tick

With our contact database covering the tech industry’s movers and shakers, we have a good idea of when people are looking to buy.


But we don’t stop there. Instead for each client we also get busy understanding the buyer journey, the roadblocks, stalling stages, and the impact of influencers on the final decision.


To us, it’s about supporting clients at every stage of the sales funnel. That’s why we can confidently claim to be one of the few agencies capable of delivering the ‘final mile’ of audience engagement.

Over 6 million worldwide technology decision-makers at our fingertips


1,831% Increase in site traffic
for Fujitsu