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$23 billion: That’s the estimated amount tech vendors spend each year on channel marketing. The challenge, of course, is that despite the budgets involved, the results don’t always back up initial expectations. ROI can be questionable, and the ability to offer a truly joined-up approach can prove an elusive goal.


Which is where it helps to call on expert support. A seasoned resource able to deliver all the items in a modern marketers toolbox: search, social, email, automation, events, telemarketing etc.; a dedicated demand generation agency that’s able to engage with partners of all shapes and sizes, and expand your coverage across different geographies. And yes, we’re talking about Quantum Marketing.

A fully enabled channel can deliver a 28% shorter sales cycle and 12% higher lead conversation rate


Why call in Quantum Marketing? Well, typically it’s because the CMO or Marketing Director wants to answer one fundamental question: “what can we do to improve the results being delivered by our partners?” Simple enough, but finding the right answer can be difficult, especially when you consider how the ‘rules’ of channel engagement have themselves subtly shifted in recent years.


Gone are the days when partners fought to establish their credentials with a large vendor. Today, it’s the vendors themselves who are under increasing pressure to ‘wow’ partners whom themselves can have multiple relationships with multiple tech companies. The good news is that we have a few ‘wow’ tricks up our sleeves, and can point to a proud track record of activating and empowering partners.

So what’s your ‘next best move’?

When it comes to channel partner engagement, we work with the biggest names in tech, dynamic new start-ups, and everyone else in between – and can point to some pretty impressive numbers and results delivered:


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