Determine what’s possible, and the total leads/sales achievable from your marketing budget.

Marketing will never be an exact science. There are simply too many variables in play at the ‘customer end’ of any calculation, alongside the twin challenges of right product/right time. That said, industry best practice combined with our day-to-day experiences at Quantum Marketing means we can help you set a realistic ROI target for any future demand generation activity.


Getting started is simple: just provide us with the two key values of available budget and average deal size (customer value). Do that, and we’ll detail back to you:


  • The minimum ‘marketable universe’ of contacts you’ll need to engage

  • An estimate of the marketing qualified leads that’ll react positively to your message

  • The final number of leads, qualified 1-2-1, with active budget and interest

  • The total pipeline value of these qualified leads

  • The opportunities that sales will actively accept and pursue

  • A final number of sales qualified opportunities

  • And the pipeline value that these leads represent


Not that we’re finished there. A final entry box let’s you add in a typical sales conversion % to generate the all-important figure: estimated revenue from real-world sales.


So what’s stopping you? Enter your numbers, generate an ROI figure, and assess the results. If they look too high or too low, then get in touch and challenge our thinking. We’re always on hand to back-up our calculations.

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