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Inbound marketing is great, obviously. You're selling to people who actually want to speak with you. They've been nurtured, they understand the narrative, they 'get' your brand.

However, many businesses we speak to want to target those really hard-to-reach, hard-to-attract, big-hitting clients.
Meet account based marketing. It's a way of aligning your sales and marketing teams to identify and appeal to those ideal clients. And the best thing about it? It’s the perfect fit with our beloved inbound.

77% of B2B marketers think that account-based marketing has generated more success from their targeted accounts.

Our Approach

Quantum Marketing takes the opposite approach to the “fishing with a net” style of Demand generation. Our approach is more like “fishing with a spear” in that we target very specific, targeted accounts that we have identified as potential buyers and long-term customers based on their organisation profile, install base, product interest and signs of intent. This structured approach takes your marketing from a wide, random approach to a market of one. And definitely, one who is interested and a potential buyer for the long term. 

1. Research

  • Intent Data / Platforms

  • Market Insight

  • Social Listening

  • Market Technologies

  • Keyword Trends 

  • Target Accounts

2. Insight

  • Organisation Intelligence

  • Install Base

  • Buyer Groups

  • Buying cycles

  • Product Interest

  • Human Intelligence

3. Nurture

  • Targeted Campaigns

  • Sales Enablement

  • Personal Branding

  • Content Strategy

  • 1-to-1 Outreach

4. Results

  • Qualified Prospects

  • Sales Appointments

  • Engaged Audiences

  • Consistent Messaging

  • Optimised Budgets

  • Sustainable Database

  • Optimised Sales Funnel

91% of companies using ABM were able to increase their average deal size, with 25% of respondents stating the increase being over 50% or larger! (SiriusDecisions)

The Account Based Funnel

Focusing on targeted accounts helps to shorten sales cycles, boost revenue and improve the customer experience through personalised engagements and 1-to-1 communications.

Stage 1: Target Organisations
Using our database of 3.1million organisations, their install base, product interest and budget cycles we select the most appropriate accounts to target

ABM funnel.png

Stage 2: Identify decision makers & influencers

Target prospects are identified and segmented into audiences to build effective nurture strategies.

Stage 3: Engaged audiences
We turn these audiences into engaged contacts, through customised journeys, targeted campaigns, bespoke content and 1-to-1 outreach.

Stage 4: Optimisation
We constantly refine the audiences and optimise communication tactics in order to adapt to the audience behaviours 

Stage 5: Land and Expand
Once you secure your sale the work doesn't stop there. We can continue to work with to the penetrate deeper into the organisations and it divisions to provide cross-sell nd up-sell opportunities

Stage 6: Handover

The bridge between Quantum Marketing, the lead, and your organisation. Its purpose is to ensure that every lead we create remains hot, and that the prospect
experiences consistency across the engagement.

Why spend marketing budget to blanket the market when you know which type of companies are potential customers? Quantum Marketing's account-based tactics put you in front of key decision-makers and nurture them to increase sales and revenue. 


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